My first post!

Hi everyone, just started to write on my plan to backpack for Seoul or South Korea in shoestring budget.

This day to day diary is meant for friends and family to keep track of me when I will be there during my 3-months awayyyyy from them.^^

I don't know about others but I just feel that travelling with package/ by group is just not my forte. Hehe..I feel that only when you mingle with natives and travelling on your own or at most 2 people that I feel you can submerged yourself into that particular country's culture.

So, why South Korea?

Hmm..maybe because of the Hallyu wave, the Korean drama popularity around the world, the KPop?? , the various type of kimchi that I just adore so much and I don't know..I just love oriental culture (Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea).

Cheers! Enjoy my journey!
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