Cherry Blossoms at Kyunghee University

Kyunghee University is one of the best destinations to visit for viewing cherry blossoms other than Yeoido Park. I've been to Yeoido Park the day before and it was so breathtaking. It's now the time to head for Kyunghee University for comparison. Lee Hyori and Rain (Bi) graduated from here but don't expect any pictures of them in my blog though..hehe. Check other best spring destination by Korea Tourism here.

Kyunghee University has a few beautiful aesthetic buildings and I went there twice!! First with Miju and her mom on Saturday and for the second time on Monday with Ria. Nowon and Sangwolgok is so far from Yeoido Park hence Kyunghee University is the best option.

After alighting from Hoegi Station, Line 1, Exit 1 we took green bus number 1 to Kyunghee University's gate for a very short distance. If you have T-money card you could have a free transfer after taking the subway if not then the ride cost is around 600won.

Miju and her mom in front of Kyunghee University's gate. Anyone can enter the university without restriction except for some places like library where they need your Student ID for access.

It makes me wonder why spring comes right after winter. There's not even a single leaf on the tree, just flower. So amazing and breathtaking. Subhanallah..

The campus bus

We pulled some of the branches and took some flower girls shot.

Kyunghee University is a "good" place to study!! Come here..hehe. 
We are Kyunghee's unofficial ambassadors.

The building behind is the library.

You need to pose like that statue to be a 4 flat (CGPA) 
student but we are obviously not. ^_^

Another great building but we were confused whether it was a church
or not. There were no cross/crucifix to justify. Miju said that it was
a building of peace.

Some middle/high school students on their
school trip.


The main building / lecture halls.


Having fun with fish-eye mirror.

Another beautiful tree.

So pretty..

In front of Fine Art Faculty.

We wrapped up our Kyunghee tour with some cream puff
which reminds me of Man Fai..hehe.

My Second Tour with Ria

Ria is from Jakarta, Indonesia. She has stayed in Seoul for 
about 1 year and a half and will stay for another 4 or 5 years
because her husband is doing his doctorate in KIST (Korea 

Don't be confused with KAIST the famous institute in Korea.
It's a different one. They stay near to Sangwolgok Station, 
Line 6. I accompanied her to view cherry blossoms due to
her husband's strict schedule in the institute.

Inside Hoegi Station



Selca with magnolias behind us.

I told Ria that in Korea if you put flower on your head
people think you are crazy..hahaha


Another selca.



Another flower in spring.


Fish eye mirror with Ria.

Magnolia upclose.

We met this little girl at the subway. She reminds me of
Choi Siwon's daughter in Oh My Lady drama. So cute!!

Staying with Miju - CouchSurfing host

I love but I just know this recently before I went to Korea. I wish I knew it before I visited other countries. Couchsurfing is practically free where you could stay a few days or even longer (depending on the host) and exchange cultures and travel stories.

It is practical if:
1- you are on budget
2- you travel alone
3- you have plenty of time

Before I went to Seoul I checked couchsurfing for about a week and send request around 20-30 hosts. Fortunately, Miju replied my request and agreed while the rest rejected me. It was inconvenient because you need longer preparation to arrange/schedule cause your host might be working and have their own stuff to do. Those who don't want the hassle might just book a hostel/guesthouse/hotel.

Miju's mother couldn't speak English but both of her son and daughter speak fluently. She was such a warm person and tried to accommodate me as much as possible. She made me miss my mom even more!!  Miju stays in Nowon-Gu (Nowon station, Line 4/Line 7) which is around 1 hour to Myeongdong by subway.

 Flowers blooming around her house.

 Miju's mom is learning how to sew hanbok (Korean traditional dress)
on weekdays. Since I came on weekend, she couldn't show me her 
hanbok that she has sewn cause she left it at the class.
That was Miju's foot, even her foot couldn't fit.

 She could only show me the socks (yangmal) that
she has finished sewing. It was cute but couldn't fit
my giant feet.

 Her mother made a special fish, egg and vegetables 
dinner for me. The rice was cooked with a few type 
of beans hence the colour. I am totally in love with this
menu cause so many veges to eat!! The drink is bori cha 
(barley tea). I will be slimmer in no time ^^

 In the morning she made tteok guk for breakfast.
She picked some pink flowers (right hand side) at the garden
as table decoration - such an artist! By the way Miju's mom
is left handed. I told her that leftist is ingenious.

Making haemul buchu jeon. 해물부추전

Haemul buchu jeon 해물부추전
haemul - seafood
buchu - chives
jeon - pancake

 The room that I stayed and I slept on the floor with
the purple mattress (right hand side).

 Definitely gonna miss both of them!!

Miju works as a nurse and she is strict with the type
of food that they consume.

Haemul Dwenjang Jjigae 해물된장찌개
Seafood soybean stew. Miju's mom made 
it less salty just the way I like it. I love my kimchi
to be very sour eg 2 years kimchi but I don't like 
salty food. Visit Maangchi website if you want
to make it yoursel.

KBS tour

After watching the cherry blossoms at Yeoido Park we checked out KBS building at the end of the road. MBC is around the corner too but I opted for KBS because of 1 Night 2 Days show ^^.

There was an exhibition for 3D television so Miju and 
me took this chance to check what's in for us.

We met a few Malaysian students from Hanyang University.
This was my second time seeing Malaysian in Korea. The
first one being in Busan Mosque.

Miju tried to be a newscaster. She just need to follow
the script right in front of her.

Vandalism is everywhere even on KBS Building's pillars.
This one was right outside KBS radio broadcasting rooms.

Radio broadcasting for Happy FM 106.1

The 1Night 2 Days sacred staircases hehehe..where 
Kang Ho Dong and his teams assembled sometimes
before they decided where to go for their weekend

Cherry Blossoms Yeoido @ Hangang Park : Part 2

A commotion by the government officials for the public
to adhere the laws.

There were a lot of street performances and one of 
them is this traditional korean music gig.

The hairdo was quirky but his tap dance was awesome.

The tap dance band.

These 3 kids were hooked on.

I should donate my old jeans to the flowers. ^^

This flower's smell ranges from sweet to bitter.

Another spring flower.

Yellow tulips.