Cherry Blossoms Yeoido @ Hangang Park

I went to Seoul on the weekend and stayed with a CS friend; Miju. She and her mother were very nice and we went to view cherry blossoms together.

The bus from Jangpyeong to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. Fare : 10,900 won.
Duration: around 2 hours.

Nandida's neighbor who frequently cooks pajeon for our tea break.

My CouchSurfer's host - Miju. We took subway line 2 from Gangbyeon Station
until Dangsan Station. It took us roughly 1 hour.

A 3D Pond at Dangsan Station.

Hehe...a cashier at Family Mart posing for us after we bought
kimbap and drinks to go. Miju thought I was crazy for asking him.

yeap..another 100 meter!! We stopped by at a bicycle shop to
rent one but because my knee's condition was bad these days so
we had to walk instead. Mian he Miju ya..

Kenari - another spring flower.

The weather was cloudy but cool. 
I loved it!!

Miju with Nakji Samgak Kimbap. It was pretty
spicy just the way I like it.
Go to Maangchi recipe if you want to make it yourself.

Miju really loves flowers but I prefer autumn than
spring. I love warm colours and last year's autumn in
Namiseom was superb!

The crowd at Yeoido.

Breathtaking..I wish I'm in Ueno Park, Tokyo now. 
I have so many wishes to fulfill.

With the 2 main stars of Cinderella sister's cut board.

These kids are so cute. I was glad that we went on Friday.
The crowd was not so crazy and the weather was fine.

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